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Organization Digital Transformation

Technology Talent Transformation

Product Engineeirng

Accelalpha ( is now using Talpal services for video interviews 


Digital Engineering is our specialization. We hire experienced engineers and computer science graduates from leading North American intuitions to enable following digital engineering technologies for our clients.


IT Staffing

Sophus IT Solutions has a mix of deep skill industry experts, independent consultants and freshers from leading american engineering institutes together they will make your information technology projects successful.

Artificial Intelligence

Sophus Consultants have deep expertise in creating chatbot, conversational voice bots using Alexa and Cognitive computing modules using IBM Watson.

Machine Learning

Completed more than 10 Machine Learning projects using NLP, Text Mining and deep neural networks. Enabled world class prediction models using Microsoft R, Python, MATLAB, TensorFlow and Google Machine Learning.

Mobile Solutions

Our “Guess the Word” App ranked amongst Top 10 Educational Apps for kids in India. Our retail mobile solutions “EuSocial”, “UrStore” will jump start your mobility journey.

Cloud Computing

For Microsoft, 20th Century FOX, Nordstrom and Infosys, Sophus has worked on several cloud migrations from On premise to IAAS, PAAS and private clouds. Our Expertise includes Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and VM Ware.

Internet of Things

Developed and deployed home automation solutions using Raspberry Pi, Relay boards and openHAB. Sophus also developed 100% solar power automatic weather station with data logging and web-based reporting.


” Sophus team is focused on employee growth. Manager meets employees on a periodic basis to know their views, concerns, encourage and provide suggestions on career growth. Team is doing very great job and has kept up all their promises until today. “

– Current Contractor, Senior Oracle Database Administrator in Los Angeles, CA (US)

” Sophus IT solutions is a lean organization. Decisions around compensation, bonus, variable pay, holiday is very simple. I had to request for extended leave one time, and wanted to see if I can compensate by catching up later when I am back. I wanted to ensure that there will not be a loss a pay. The entire process was very simple given their flat structure from Account executive to CEO. “

– Current Employee, Senior Technical Architect in Redmond, WA (US)

” Respects their employees working across different locations for different organizations. Salary is on time. Prompt and very responsive. Takes their job seriously. Also, they are very much of in consulting so, the contracts depending on the contracts/sub contracts with organizations they work with. “

– Current Contractor, Major Incident Manager in Redmond, WA (US)