• At Sophus, we foster an open, collaborative & an inclusive work environment, where each employee feels supported through their career journey. Work life balance is at the helm of our company culture and we firmly believe that when employees feel in control of their own life they are able to work more productively & positively!
  • Our employees are our biggest asset and we ensure that we help them thrive by providing technical & soft skills training, career development opportunities & mentoring.
  • Each day at Sophus, offers a learning opportunity where employees feel invested in their work and their organization and do their best work!

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Sophus Event

New Year Feast @Sophus India

New Year Feast @Sophus India

Due to pandamic , 2020 was definitely a tough and challenging year for all of us. In spite of this , we all managed adding success to our business by our collaborative nonstop hardwork from #Sophusities !
This could happen only with an ABUNDANT SUPPORT and UNDERSTANDING by your family ( spouse ,kids , parents ).

Rejoicing and welcoming the NEW YEAR 2021, Sophus took this as an opportunity to THANK and APPRECIATE all its supporting SPOUSEs by sponsoring lunch / dinner for the family.

Few clicks from our team enjoying the FEAST and having a happy FAMILY TIME.

new year
WordArt – Creative Design Contest

Creating fun in your work culture with different types of contests will help you relax and rejoice!

Here is yet another contest for sophusites and their family members too: WordArt

Our team created an eye catching creative design of the word: SOPHUS

MicrosoftTeams-image (2) (1)

The winner for the WordART!!

1st Prize: Premnath

2nd Prize: Rajkamal

A desktop must have

This month our contest was about “A desktop must have”. We all have a must have on our desk / workstation that motivates us, makes us smile or keeps us going! It may be a motivational quote, a gift from a dear one, child’s drawing or a family picture. There surely is something that we like to have around us always, while we work. Our team was to share a picture of what they always keep on their desks. Received some very interesting pictures!

The winner for the Sophus A Desktop must have!!

1st Prize: Suresh M

2nd Prize: Deepak

Sophus Walkathon

This year the unprecedented Covid situation has required us to work from home. So while our team has stepped up to the new situation and continued to support our clients remotely, we wanted to ensure that they are staying active and caring for their health.

This month, Sophus held a “Walkathon Contest” where the winners would be three employees who clocks the maximum steps over a period of 2 weeks. This sure got everybody moving! Excited to announce the winner later this week

The winner for the Sophus Walk-a-thon!!

1st Winner: Divya

2nd Winner: Rahul

3rd Winner: Hemanth

Sophus Newbie


Mr. Veeramanikandan joined the Sophus family as Cloud Network Engineer

In his new role, Veera will be responsible to work for our client UST Global and for the end client T-Mobile. He is going to work for Telecommunication project and will be responsible for Cloud Networking and storage division.

Ms. Mahalakshmi joined the Sophus family as Recruiter

having 10 years of experience in US staffing and consulting. Her strength is in Global hiring, Resource Management, Vendor Management and Technical Recruitments in Staff Augmentation for clients in IT, Banking, Retail, and other domains.  

Guest speaker series - Blockchain Technology

SOPHUSITES Had an exciting, interactive and informative meet with STEPHEN ALBONICO (Blockchain operations architect at boeing)

We learnt about latest trends in technology B-L-O-C-K-C-H-A-I-N
And how its having significant impact on our industry.


The illustration was completed March 12, 2013 and created in Adobe Illustrator CS6.
  • 3600, 136th Pl SE # 300,
    Bellevue, WA – 98006 USA
The illustration was completed March 12, 2013 and created in Adobe Illustrator CS6.
  • 22525 SE 64th PL Suite #2013
    Issaquah WA – 98027 USA
  • Ocean Point Business Centre,
    Suite 404 – 1688 152nd St.,
    Surrey, BC V4A 4N2
The illustration was completed March 12, 2013 and created in Adobe Illustrator CS6.
  • 40, 1st floor, Pulla Avenue,
    Kathiravan Colony, Shenoy Nagar,
    Chennai, India – 600030


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